Motley Minority

"What are you doing Molly" called out an imperious Mia. She was perched atop the recliner looking down on a disheveled furball of a Molly dressed in bell-bottom jeans with a flower patch on her posterior, a flowy blouse, and a circle of flowers placed on her head. But dangling from her left paw was a bag spilling out with sunny orange material and what looked like a guide to doggy yoga. Molly looked up, brushing a flower from her crown away from her eye. "I think it's time to ditch my hippy digs and try to fit it." Mia poured herself a second cup of tea from a floral tea pot, raising a delicate china cup to her whiskered face and taking a long sip. After closing her eyes in appreciation of the delicate brew (Reem had just got her a new package of Oolong, which she drank religiously each morning with a buttery shortbread biscuit), she responded to Molly's statement. "But why?"

 "Oh come on Mia, we are desi dogs. Look at what's going on around us. We've gone soft in the last few years living with these two whack jobs. That baldy has gone off religion, and we all know that this Reem is of no use. I mean she's in the minority no? And she keeps writing all these articles about god knows what - not having kids and multiple loves and what not. Really cuckoo she is going in her old age. I do like Christmas, that tree is just delicious, and we get presents, but let's face it. They're not getting us anywhere in life. We need to join the majority ya, be proud of our desi-ness"! She was a trifle breathless after her long rant, panting while staring defiantly at Mia. After a few seconds she lowered her gaze, Mia would always be the alpha in this house and she dared not try to out stare her, rumour had it that she could burn you to ashes with her steely gaze and Molly had never dared to look long enough to see if that were true. She rummaged around in her bag of material while Mia continued to sip her tea.

"So what now Molls? You're giving up are you? Ah, I see you've got a ticket to Varanasi. Visiting the good ol' ghats and all? Go, go, by all means. Take a little trip. Go find yourself if you must." Molly gathered up her things and muttered something about getting late for her train and being back in a few days. Mia smirked and settled back in to watching "Sex and the City", chuckling at Samantha's antics. Sarina came in to feed her some eggs and toast at tea time and was later followed by Reem and Sid who pushed her off the sofa to flop down and watch some television. She licked their hands and wedged herself firmly between them, using one as a footstool and the other as a pillow.

After ten minutes into their coffee, Reem looked
around, craning her neck to peek behind the couch and then sat up straight. "Where's Molly? Mia have you seen your sister?" Mia nodded lazily, stretching her paw out at Sid to massage it, while replying, "She went to Varanasi. To find herself and join the majority. Said you two aren't getting her anywhere in life." Sid guffawed, "That's rich coming from her. She was picked up off the street and now she has a bed with a pillow, air conditioning, chicken liver and ghee roti, and belly rubs on demand. Where else does she want to be in life?" Mia shook her head, "Oh she's been swept up in this whole election wave. Feels that you lot are in the minority and we need to celebrate being Indian, join the majority, y'know? She also thinks you two are cuckoo. Wack-a-doodle. Nut jobs." Reem looked at her, "That language sounds surprisingly close to your vocabulary!" "Ok fine", said Mia, "She just said 'cuckoo'. I embellished to drive home the point. But don't worry she's only gone a few days. She went with that lab from next door."

Sid who had been quiet during all of this, swatted Mia on the head. She leapt up with a growl. "Don't growl at me missy! Why didn't you stop her?" Mia lowered her growl to a respectable rumble, "Because she has to discover her own path. Can't spoon feed her. If the majority is what she wants, then who are we to stop her." She sashayed away, leaving a rather confused looking Reem and Sid clutching their coffee cups. She turned back once, "And of course I tried to speak to her. Told her that we should believe in just doing good, not supporting division and discord. No one section is superior and one shouldn't let them believe they are. But she said that we're dogs. And dogs don't live too long so she is only bothered with the next five years. Such short sightedness! Though I think dogs are literally short sighted, they really can't see something until it is under their noses." Sid and Reem looked positively morose. "Cheer up chumps. She'll be back in a few days. You still run this house so she'll have to play by your rules. Or at least you believe you run this house, so keep at it."

And as scheduled, Molly returned a few days later. Mia opened the door to find Molly in jeans and crop top. "What happened to your orange robes?" Molly looked down, "The colour faded after a few days. But that wasn't really the reason. Did you know that being a desi dog is really a huge disadvantage. No one gives a crap about us! We're like the dregs of the barrel. Leo the lab was such a hit on our travels, everyone was praising his pedigree. Here I thought we are meant to celebrate 'desi-ness' but I was allowed no where. It was awful Mia. No place for misfits like me." Mia tried not to laugh at her silly pup, "Well come on in, you're just in time for dinner." Molly bounded in, "I'm starving. What's for dinner Sarina?" A bowl had already been placed in her spot which she inhaled in three minutes. "I've been eating vegetarian last few days, and it's all good. But this Green Chick Chop chicken is the best". She was interrupted by a yelp of joy as Reem emerged from the bedroom, "Oh Molls you're back! I've had no one to cuddle and no one to share my food with and no one to keep Mia in her place!" Molly let herself be kissed and petted and fussed over. "So you're not mad at me? For going away?" Reem looked surprised, "Worried yes, Mad? No. You're a dog, and that's really the purest spirit, full of love and care. And you're full of curiosity and questions. And we need that, whether in the majority or minority. Keeps us all on our toes." Molly settled into her lap while Sid entered and high fived her. "You know Molls, it's ok. Majority, minority, as long as there's good people (and dogs) on both sides who keep doing their best and of course keep asking questions, hopefully the bad eggs won't be able to get their way." Mia woofed in agreement, "Here's to being in the minority. Our family is a motley bunch - even Reem and Sid are mongrels - a little bit of everything in them. Isn't that the real desi? Let's celebrate with some chai!"


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