Pilots get scared too

Had a rather emotional visit to the National Museum of Flight today in North Berwick. Anything to do with aircrafts always reminds me of my dad and it was really hard for me to think of him visiting here several years ago, walking around the same exhibits, photographing them and hugely absorbed in every detail. But it was also very special as I can only imagine his joy at being surrounded by these magnificent machines. The military aviation hangar was very interesting, and one particular writeup caught my eye, about a pilot going into the Gulf War and being scared almost senseless during his first encounter. I feel I never fully appreciate how my dad (and all pilots) would have felt the same way, not every time he went up, but during wartime or difficult sorties. You just feel like it must have been routine to them since they’re trained for this. Fighter pilots always walk around like fearless gods of the sky, but they’re only human after all. Glad I got to do this today, just for a chance to make me feel a little bit closer to him. I love you so much Pa.


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