Which one's the bride?

I absolutely hate The Eagles' "Hotel California". In India, you can still hear it played really often at bars, in elevators, on the radio, request shows, etc. I've just heard too much of it for most of my life. But my dad loved it. My personal favourite of the Eagles is "I Can't Tell You Why", but that's about it. But hearing this blaring on the speakers at home while my dad closed his eyes in satisfied bliss and swaying his head will always remain indelibly etched in my memory.
But the reason I remember it more distinctly is another memory firmly intertwined with this irritating song. When Sid and I got married 9 years ago, we threw a party for our friends and family as a start to the wedding celebrations. It was a cold December night and all the guests had been hauled across to the Tughlaqabad Airforce Station Mess lawns and everyone was huddled and shivering. My dad was obviously fairly stressed with all the organising and logistics of getting everyone from venues across the city, etc and the general tamasha at a wedding. My mom was most disapproving because I had refused to dress up like a Christmas tree to distinguish myself from the rest of the guests as the "BRIDE", and glared at me when the videographer came around looking lost and asking when the bride would arrive! Guests were mingling, my friends looked like they would wipe out the bar in the first half hour under the pretext of keeping warm, and then the DJ started the music. That dratted song started to play! I was about to let out a moan of disapproval, when I looked at my dad and all the tiredness and stress had melted away as his eyes lit up in recognition of the song. "Let's dance Reem" and he took my hand and we tootled over to the empty dance floor. He sang along in obvious enjoyment while we gently sashayed around the floor. A spotlight came hurriedly bobbing towards us...the videographer had finally figured out who the bride was and my dad roared with laughter when he saw the guy racing to get us on camera. There was no mistaking it - that was the bride and her dad, dancing the first dance of her wedding to "Hotel California" 


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