What's in a name?

My dad's birthday is coming up and as a little tribute in his memory I'm choosing to post a few things about him (not that I don't otherwise, he was a very interesting man!) in his "birthday week"
What's in a name? I've always had trouble with people mispronouncing my name and I end up ferociously spelling it out so that they get it right. I think this sensitivity is hereditary, since my dad always had a lot of confusion around his name, especially when we lived in Pakistan. Oh how he ranted about this!
Just a bit of trivia about his name, Parvez Hamilton-Khokhar. There should technically have been a hyphen between "Hamilton" and "Khokhar" as Hamilton was not, as many thought, his middle name. It was his mother's, my dadi's, maiden name. He never used 'Hamilton' so I'm not really sure how it became associated with his name as he dropped it from his official documents to only Parvez Khokhar. Anyhow, there it is! 

India Today did a little snippet on this years ago :)


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