U R 2 Sweet 2 B 4 GOT 10

Did you have an autograph book when you were a kid? A fancy little book in which you got your friends to write you a message? These were fairly standard like "Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet and so are you" or some edgier stuff like "Mad like Madonna"  But the most popular by far was that masterpiece of symbols and alphabets lined up to read as U R 2 🍬 2 B 4 GOT 10
Oh we wrote it all the time when asked to sign our friends' autograph books and our books were lined with pages of the same sugar coated message. My dad found it very amusing and he would say it all the time, "You're looking too sweet, U R 2 🍬 2 B 4 GOT 10" ) years later even when we were all grown up and would go home to visit and be asleep in our bedroom, my dad would peep in to see if we had woken up. He'd be delighted if we opened a sleepy eye and come trooping in, saying, "Reemzy boo (or Shanu boo) looking too sweet. U R 2 🍬 2 B 4 GOT 10" ) I'd roll my eyes, but that never dissuaded him from using it...carrying on over the years to "U R 2 🍬 2 B 4 GOT 10" Cyra and Rishan.
Speaking of sweetness, he had a bit of a sweet tooth. Not excessive, but would always ask after a meal, "Is there anything sweet? Kuch mitha (never pronounced meetha)" and if there wasn't anything he'd be happy with a spoon of jam  I would sometimes bake something or the other and I'm a much better baker now, but at the time I dabbled in fairly dry and choke-worthy brownies. He would never not eat one, dousing them with plenty of water or tea to help him swallow, all the while proclaiming them excellent!
Last year he came to visit us in Delhi for his birthday and I baked a chocolate and cream cheese cake for him. They missed their flight getting into Delhi and ended up arriving very late in the evening, exhausted from a long wait at the airport. But the cake was eaten and declared excellent!
I've done some weekend baking and this one's for him - red velvet with a cream cheese frosting - and we all decided to autograph it with little doodles for my dad (most of them by Cyra  and of course the ubiquitous U R 2 🍬 2 B 4 GOT 10


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