The Softy

Most people knew his external rather fierce personality - he was a hard boss, spoke his mind, competitive and very conscious of what a brilliant mind he had, which often bordered on arrogance. When we used to tell him that he needed to chill, he once told us that his unblemished flying record had given him a very strange sense of invincibility and he demanded only the best or nothing at all. There was great generosity and humour and fun, as well, as his friends will know. But the only people who ever really saw his soft side was my sister and I...he may have been a certain way outside, but with us he was a remarkably patient, protective and gentle person, always indulgent. Till today it amazes me how he had very distinct sides to him. The image of him striding around in his aviators or wanting to run over all the bad drivers on the road versus him brushing Shaheen and my teeth and dropping us to our school bus when I was 6 or sneakily trying to run a comb through my hair when I was well into my 30s (what do you mean this is how your hair is meant to look!)


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