The grandfather and scrambled eggs maker extraordinaire!

I only recently learned that my dad made the best "scrambled eggs". Considering he could just about manage a sandwich I thought this totally bogus information. The source of the info...Rishan and Cyra, who said they missed "Nana who made the best scrambled eggs"! After much investigation it turned out they were right, and they are probably the only two people who ever got to have them since my dad never ever cooked! He did laundry (whitest towels in town!), made tea and toast, but had supposedly ventured into eggs more recently. 

He was a surprisingly fantastic babysitter to his grand children who are the only little people who could bully him into anything. Rishan pointed out that Nana did so much stuff with them. He took them for movies where Rishan persuaded him to buy gold class tickets and ordered the entire menu so there was my poor dad reclining in comfort at the theatre laden with candy and treats galore, which his grandkids only ordered but didn't eat. He would take Rishan to ASTE to look at the planes and sit in them, and Rishan is utterly fascinated with planes and hearing about his Nana's flying. He would take them for car rides, buy them loads of Magnum, let them ransack his hotel room when he came to Delhi on work, watch the Football World Cup with Rishan, make them breakfast and give their mum some much needed time off to go out while he watched them the whole day. Of course she came back to a very exhausted Nana, who handed her children back and said "My god, your children don't even let me go to the loo. If I even tried to they just lounged around the door knocking and saying, what are you doing Nana, we need to go to the bathroom now!" His last few months were focused on bragging about Rishan getting into the Vienna Boys Choir and he planned meticulously how we all would travel to visit him, telling Shaheen not to worry as he would visit often personally to check on Rishan. It's sad he never got to see Rishan leave for Vienna or get to see him sing, but his little grandson did sing a touching tribute at the funeral to him, "In his Time" while proudly wearing one of his nana's aircraft lapel pins. My dad left Rishan all his medals and I think that all the great time they spent together will ensure that his grandson will really treasure these medals and appreciate the value of them.


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