Sid learns to read

"Hmmggghhhh ssssss" snorted Siddharth in a mini explosion.

"What's so funny"? I asked, only mildly interested since he does this sort of thing to irritate me and to get my attention when he's bored, and also knowing that he would snort persistently till I gave him my undivided attention.

"This PG is too good"!, said Sid.
"Who"?, I asked.
"Yes, I heard you the first time, but who are you talking about?".
"Wodehouse, of course, who else?".
"Since, when did you start reading, I thought you only liked picture books?", I said, amused at this sudden new interest.
"They are photography journals and Calvin & Hobbes, not picture books", came the haughty retort.
"Whatever" I barely whispered, my muted volume reflecting my growing disinterest in this conversation.

"So this Wodehouse", said Siddharth intent on drawing me back into this literary discussion, "He's not half bad!".
"Half bad! My god you're vocabulary is really improving, it's half good!", said I.
Ignoring me, he continued in his usual bull headed fashion, "I really like his style, this relationship between Jeeves and Wooster is quite the love-hate relationship. He can't live without Jeeves, but he resents the fact that Jeeves gets all the attention and always tries to dismiss Bertie's plans and ideas.".
I was impressed, that wasn't half bad. "Baby, you're really thinking about this stuff, you're analyzing the book a bit!".

Obviously encouraged by my raised volume and involvement, he continued, "In fact, their relationship is like our's"!
"Well, I bloody well hope not, it'll change everything I love about Jeeves and Wooster", I said, taken aback by his controversial statement.
"No, not like that you idiot, I mean in terms of Bertie's dependency on Jeeves' wisdom, it's a lot like us".
I softened, "Oh baby I never thought you're dumb, you're smart with other stuff, we're smart in different ways".
"What are you talking about you stupid cow?! I mean you're like Bertie and I'm Jeeves, just because you like fish doesn't make you more like him"!

I could see the turn this conversation was going to take and chose to lose interest again and let him revel in his really convoluted perception of reality. After a few minutes, I was interrupted again, "I love the way he writes, I love these words"!
His enthusiasm was endearing, I looked up again. "Do you think if I used some of these words like in every day language, people would make fun of me". "Probably", I said, hoping to put him off this dangerous sounding trend. It obviously had no effect, since I've had to listen to an assortment of archaic, yet definitely entertaining (and they do grow on you) terms and phrases. "Toasty!", he whooped each time we got into bed and nestled into our electric blanket. 'Red-hot!", when I would give him some good news like say my not having any credit card charges for the month or looking over a new car. "Throw me a few of your juiciest I say", when I asked him what he'd like to read next! His remarks were restricted to me since he felt they would be mocked in public and I guessed he'd get over this phase.

But, we were watching a match a few days ago and the sports commentator yelled "Red hotttt!" in response to a sixer. "Oh my god, I'm in fashion", yelled Sid. "Red hot!". Now that he's got universal approval, he's probably going to be unleashing himself in public, I wonder if I preferred him when he couldn't read! I look at him eagerly devouring his PG Wodehouse every night, chuckling appreciatively ever so often. And he's not even trying to get my attention, he's really enjoying it and why shouldn't he, Wodehouse is great! Even if I'm reduced to being Bertie, it's worth it to see that literary glow on his face and him yell "Red hottt" whenever I enter the room :)


Mann Sahib said…
Hehehehehe... Red Hot I say. Very well written

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