Kaminey is a total turn on!

Raw, manic, frenzied, gritty...it all boils down to Kaminey being a complete turn on! I love movies, and we have the chance to see so many, mediocrity marking most of these experiences. I have fairly balanced reactions to most. Neither love, nor hate, just a pleasant enough, but forgettable watch. Kaminey is one of the most engrossing films I've seen in a while. It forces you to pay attention with a motley bunch of characters that are added to every few minutes; fast paced action, blink and you'll miss the plot; a cacophony of different languages that you have to figure out within the context of the action; the powerful and arousing music; and the riveting performances of the entire cast. If you don't pay attention or intend on stepping out for some popcorn in between, you're probably going to hate it because Kaminey isn't going to wait for you to catch up.
There are so many images/scenes/characters that stay etched in your mind. The edgy and manic energy between Mikhail and Bhope when they playfully "dhish kao" at each other, play blurring into reality when Mikhail slumps into the hammock seat; Sweety literally playing with fire as she fights her brother's goons to defend her Guddu, dancing at their wedding or brandishing a gun while Bhope and the rest of the 'kaminas' jump around comically; the scenes with Mikhail and Shahid showing the strong bond between them and the unforgettable scene at the disco where they "dhan te nan" through their dreams of big money: the mad Bengali brothers firing at the double crossing jockey or hysterically laughing while playing a video game - the cast is superb.
Shahid Kapoor is brilliant - as the endearing Guddu stammering simply through the situation he's been forced into, a fierce Priyanka protecting him throughout; and as the swaggering, lisping Charlie - bronzed and brutal. The entire film arouses you with its energy, grit, fast paced action, sincerity and of course the inimitable "dhan te nan"!


Karen said…
I didn't even know you had a blog!
I've been menaing to watch "Kaminey" and after your review I am even more determined now.
Reem said…
Yeah I actually had 3 at some point but forgotten the password for all 3!

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