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Thank heaven for little girls

I was never close to Cyra. Not like I was with Rishan. That had more to do with their personalities and how much time I spent with them. I have consistently spent time with Rishan as a baby to Rishan as a 12 year old - rocking him to sleep; playing with him; reading to him; carrying him around; making up ridiculous stories and games with him; going out for movies; celebrating his birthdays with him and much more. He was always outgoing and gregarious. Cyra on the other hand would smile and play a bit, but cling to her parents. So there was some playing and some time spent together in her infancy, but she never really took to me like Rishan did.  We'd all go out as a group but she wasn't one for any 1-on-1 time.

It's only in the last three years that we became closer. Perhaps it was Rishan being away in Vienna or me spending more time at my sister's each weekend, but I now very much enjoy this little cheeky chops who hangs out with me more. She speaks her mind, has firm…

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