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The Beautiful and the Bizarre in San Gimignano

A snaking line in the piazza spills out of a small shop with a sign saying “Gelateria Dondoli”, home to the twice awarded Gelato World champion – Sergei Dondoli. Some may be deterred by the long queue, but not us. We have become regulars over the last three days and strut purposefully toward the shop, knowing that the line may be long, but moves swiftly. Within five minutes we have queued up, made our way to the laden showcases of gelato, placed our orders and been served generous cones of the world’s best stuff by the brisk and efficient staff. The man himself comes out to say hello to all the visitors and sportingly takes a picture with us, urging us to ditch the “cheese” and say ‘GELATO’ instead in preparation for the photograph. As we sit in the sunshine filled piazza, lapping at our cones, it’s a luxurious moment that really sums up our trip to this beautiful Tuscan town. Several visitors come into San Gimignano for a day trip, taking in the Duomo, climbing up the Torre Grossa fo…

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