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Through the eyes of a child

Seeing Vienna through the eyes of a Vienna choir boy!

I wrote this piece for The Hindu, Metroplus and a slightly edited version of it was published there (link here) on April 19, 2018.

I am standing in an empty alley on a chilly evening outside a grilled gate, punching buttons on the wall and chattering nervously into a speaker. “Yes, we’re here to pick up Rishan, could you let us in please”. I look surprised as no questions are asked and an electronic door in the wall opens instantly. My husband and I rush in at breakneck speed, unsure if it may change its mind and close on us plebeians. We are within the grounds of the Augarten Palais, home to the renowed Vienna Boys Choir – a choral group of young boys who perform across the world and are one of Austria’s key cultural exports. As we look around nervously, a friendly prefect greets us and invites us in to wait as the choir is currently in concert at the Spanish Riding School and are due back soon. We wait around looking at the busy …

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